Group Classes

Our armbanders and improvers are split into small groups, working with teachers and helpers in the water. (on occasions on a 1 to 1 basis).

We work closely on technique and stroke improvement, but most of all making swimming fun whilst learning.

For the more able children we run club sessions and enjoy challenging the children to activities like Snorkelling, Water Polo and Life saving skills.

Armbanders beginners
Ideally we like children to begin lessons 4.5 years of age(school starting age) depending on their ability, our aim is to build on confidence and make swimming fun.

Just out of armbands and looking at technique stroke improvement and confidence skills.

Deep enders/ Club
These classes are designed to build stamina, strength and refine the strokes.

Children here work on improving whilst still having fun with events like galas and sessions with flippers and length work.